Our Story

Back in late 2011, five talented musicians decided to get together and jam. After rehearsal, the vibe was just right and we realized we’d be great together! The chemistry was wonderful and the talent was impeccable. The rest as said, is history-Sweet Nothings was born!

We travel the South Florida scene crashing bars with our lively music. Rocking and swaying hips all over the place! Always joined by the devout Cherries in the audience. Enjoy us live at the next event and catch the Sweet buzz!

Vocals: Lisa Mac      Lead Guitar: Edgar       Rhythm Guitar: Ray       Bass Guitar: Richie       Drums: Kyle        Sound Engineer: Rico

Sweet Nothings Band

Sweet Nothings is a five-piece multicultural Rock & Pop cover band that plays the top hits from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s. Sweet Nothings promises to Play The Funky Music that will bring out the Animal in you. So be ready to Raise Your Glass and Come Together!

So What, You’ve Got the Roadhouse Blues, this blazing sound will give you Sweet Dreams and great memories! We LOVE to Rock n’ Roll, and if you do too, Like, Follow, and Visit us!

Get together with the other Cherries in the place and sing along to your favorite songs!

Catch you then!

A very special thank you to our friend Sal of Sal’s Towing for the beautiful backdrop! ~SNB